About The Communication Clinic

About | The Communication Clinic

The Communication Clinic began in Maitland in 2011 when Catriona Collins returned home after founding her practice in New Zealand. With over 20 years’ experience in public and private speech pathology practice, Catriona now heads a team of professionals across clinics across multiple locations with our head office in East Maitland.

Working with children, teenagers and adults, we are experienced in an extensive range of communication supports, including speech, feeding, literacy, language, behaviour and alternate and augmented communication (AAC). The team at The Communication Clinic is here to help you and your family thrive.

Holistic communication support

The team at The Communication Clinic is here to provide support with evidence-based and holistic speech therapy services. Taking a collaborative approach, we work with you and other professionals to give much-needed communication support to you, your child or loved one to reduce frustration and build confidence.

Our fully-qualified speech pathologists are Certified Practising Speech Pathologists and members of Speech Pathology Australia. They are trained in a range of leading research-based communication programs and have experience in working with people of all ages, from young children through to teens and older adults.

Our goal is to provide a positive outcome taking into account your situation, your communication preferences and your goals. We’re here to not only support you or your loved ones but to also give you the knowledge and skills you need to support them too.

Our Approach

Everything we do is based on best practice. Our programs and strategies are evidence-based and continually reviewed to ensure they continue to deliver positive outcomes for every client.


Communication is all about connection. We always look at the big picture when working with our clients to identify all areas of concern and create a plan with the best chance of delivering a positive result.


We don’t believe in working in isolation. To get the best outcome, we work as a team with you, your family and other professionals so we have all the information and knowledge we need to make a real difference.

We can help with
  • articulation assessment and therapy
  • expressive & receptive language assessment and therapy
  • reading & spelling (literacy) assessment and therapy
  • complex communication assessments and therapy
  • speech and language assessments and therapy
  • dysphagia and swallowing assessments and treatment
  • mealtime management plans
  • visual behaviour supports
  • AAC training and implementation training
  • NDIS recommendations (communication devices, feeding equipment, etc)
  • social communication skills support and development
  • preschool, school, home, community and group home/aged care visits.

Looking for extra communication support?

We want to help you access quality speech pathology so you can effectively manage communication challenges. Go to our events page to see what exciting training we are running or see our resources page for access to valuable resources and information.