Your FAQs answered

No doubt, you have a lot of questions, especially if you’re not sure what speech pathology is or what happens in a typical session. We’re here to answer your questions to ensure you have a positive experience when you visit us at The Communication Clinic.

What We Do

Speech pathologists study, diagnose and treat communication disorders, including difficulties with speaking, listening, understanding language, reading, writing, social skills, stuttering and using voice. This covers physical, developmental and acquired communication issues, such as hearing loss, stroke, autism, learning disability, speech impediments and more.

How We Work

At The Communication Clinic, a qualified speech pathologist will always be a key part of your child’s program, with our fully-trained speech pathologists leading assessments, reviews and reporting. We’re also lucky to have several experienced therapy assistants in our team who provide extra support to our speech pathologists in both individual and group sessions.

What You Can Expect

This is tough to answer because there are so many different variables when it comes to speech therapy. Depending on the nature of the communication challenge, you might start to see results immediately or over several months. We’re always available to talk if you have any concerns about the progress of your communication program.

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Looking for extra communication support?

We want to help you access quality speech pathology so you can effectively manage communication challenges. Go to our events page to see what exciting training we are running or see our resources page for access to valuable resources and information.