Masks will be required for all people attending the clinic, caregivers and staff (unless medically unable to wear a mask or under 12years old), for the remainder of 2021. TCC staff will wear masks when working with all clients across settings in order to reduce the risk of spread by using all precautions we can.

QR codes

You will be required to check in via QR code at all clinic sites, and show the green tick to staff.

Room capacity

The number of people in a space will continue to be determined by the 4m2 rule for the remainder of 2021 at TCC. Please notify us if more than one support person will be attending the appointment so we can ensure a room is available.


Any group activities will be in small groups of 2, or completed online for larger numbers. Vaccination status will form part of the risk assessment for face to face groups (see vaccination).


Schools will be returning at Level 3 restrictions which restricts non-essential visitors. Visits will be organised as per the schools COVID safe plans and as deemed essential in each school. Please check with your school if they are continuing to offer online learning for students not able to return face to face and if they support video conference appointments with therapists for kids returning to school.

Community visits

We will adhere to any community settings COVID safe plans and public health orders for outdoor, workplace or community based visits. These will only be completed following a risk assessment to determine the risk to the clinician and people attending the visit.


As we are an essential service anyone is able to access our services for essential reasons. We will continue our risk assessments and vaccination status will form part of this assessment. People attending the clinic will be required to show proof of vaccination and this will be documented in the risk assessment. This will continue past the 90% NSW vaccination rate, due to our regions lagging vaccination rates.

  • Children under 12 years are unable to be vaccinated so do not need to show proof.
  • People with exemptions will be required to show proof.
  • Our staff are also happy to show proof of vaccination.
  • Any staff not fully vaccinated will not be working face to face with clients until a time when they are vaccinated.


To support ongoing therapy we will continue telehealth appointments. This will enable us to minimise exposure to staff. We always strive to provide the highest ongoing quality of care and flexibility for appointments.


Large group training will adhere to the Public Health Orders and any requirements for vaccination status, distancing and capped numbers. Where possible, training will be offered online.

Looking for extra communication support?

We want to help you access quality speech pathology so you can effectively manage communication challenges. Go to our events page to see what exciting training we are running or see our resources page for access to valuable resources and information.