Events held by The Communication Clinic

The Communication Clinic is committed to sharing knowledge with parents, carers, people with a disability and fellow professionals to improve individual capacity and outcomes. That’s why we deliver a range of events throughout the year, covering different aspects of speech pathology, to build collective knowledge and understanding.

From parent information sessions to professional development forums, our events are designed to improve your knowledge and your ability to support speech pathology programs, whether you’re a carer or a professional. With all events delivered by a fully qualified presenter, you’ll come away with practical knowledge and a new level of understanding.

You can browse our upcoming events below:

Two Day Introductory PODD Training

The Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD) approach provides strategies to support the design, production and implementation of communication systems to enable genuine communication for a variety of functions in all daily environments.

Presented by certified PODD presenter, Janelle Sampson, this workshop will provide in-depth insight into PODD communication systems and provide a clear understanding of implementing and using PODD for successful and powerful communication. This workshop is suitable for anyone looking to grow their understanding of, and confidence in communicating with the PODD communication system.

Event Details:

Workshop content includes:

  • Creative and practical solutions will be demonstrated through videos and case examples. Participants will have the opportunity for hands on supported practice using PODD communication books.
  • Describe the challenges faced when creating communication systems in terms of vocabulary organisation, layout, design, range of access strategies and customising for individual requirements.
  • Discuss the features of a PODD communication system in terms of vocabulary organisation, layout, design, range of access strategies and customising for individual requirements.
  • Discuss the teaching and learning strategies for implementing PODD communication systems with individuals and team members.
  • Hands on supported practice using PODD communications books.

Who is this workshop for:

  • Speech pathologists, OT’s, physios and other Allied Health professionals working with children and adults who have complex communication needs
  • Teachers and support staff in mainstream and special settings who have pupils using PODD in their class
  • Parents who would like a more in depth understanding of their child’s PODD communication system.

Two days of a PODD workshop will answer many of your questions about your child, client or student’s communication needs.

Morning tea and a light lunch will be provided. Please advise us if you have any dietary requirements.

PODD Alternative Access One Day Workshop

The focus of this workshop is on Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD) communication books designed for individuals who cannot point directly to a display with their hands. The content will build on the information relating to the purpose, design principles, intervention strategies and use of PODD communication books covered in the two-day introductory workshop.

A range of alternative access PODD communication book will be discussed including: eye-gaze (eye-pointing), partner-assisted scanning (visual, auditory, visual plus auditory scanning), combination access, and coded access. The design features to suit, procedures to operate and teach each access method will be presented. Participants will have the opportunity to practice using each access method.

Event Details:

Workshop content:

  • Exploring the different PODD design considerations/options to accommodate for alternative access methods.
  • Reviewing the considerations for selecting different access methods to suit individual requirements.
  • Participants will have time to practise the partner operational procedures to use a range of alternate access methods.
  • Discussion regarding problem-solving methodologies for developing operational skills for individuals who have severe movement difficulties (e.g. developing accept/reject movements for scanning).

Morning tea lunch and afternoon tea will be provided. Please advise us if you have any dietary requirements.

Looking for extra communication support?

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