Evidence-based speech pathology programs

We’re committed to helping you or your loved one improve communication skills and find effective ways to manage communication challenges. That’s why The Communication Clinic is your local experienced therapist, delivering effective, evidence-based speech therapy using a range of internationally recognised programs.

Taking a holistic approach, we work as a team to identify the best way to meet your communication needs, creating an individual plan focused firmly on you and your overall goals. Trained in leading speech pathology programs, our team can also deliver program-specific presentations to parents, preschools and other professionals.

Programs offered by The Communication Clinic

All programs are offered in the clinic, at home, in the community or in education settings.

Social Communication

Social Communication
We offer group and individual programs to develop social communication skills. Trained in assessing and supporting social communication skills, our speech pathologists aim to support you and your child to achieve your goals, which may include ordering a meal at a restaurant or making a new friend at school. Our social communication programs are suitable for children, teens and adults, with programs individualised to each person’s needs.

Our therapists have specific training in the following social communication programs:

Early Communication

We offer individual therapy, small group therapy, Hanen parent training and individual Hanen interventions to build and develop early communication skills. Early intervention is key to supporting communication and we work with educators, families, caregivers and other professionals to deliver a child-centred approach to intervention. We also offer regular parent training in a range of Hanen programs to provide a supportive learning environment for parents and caregivers.

Our therapists have specific training in the following early communication programs:

  • Hanen – It Takes Two to Talk, Target Word, More Than Words and TalkAbility
  • DIR FloorTime

Enjoyable Eating

We offer individual and group therapy programs targeting fussy eaters and individuals with dysphagia or difficulties eating and drinking, including PEG insertion. We undertake eating and drinking assessments to assess control of food, swallowing, food variety and sensory preferences.

As a team, we work closely with other professionals to ensure appropriate seating, positioning, sensory supports and feeding equipment. We also assist with mealtime management plans and training to upskill caregivers and staff to ensure consistency of care and minimise mealtime frustration.

Our therapists have specific training in the following feeding programs:

  • Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Feeding Program
  • Food Chaining
  • Division of Responsibility
  • IDDSI (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative)

Language – Expression & Understanding

We offer language groups and individual therapy to address receptive and expressive language delays and disorders. All our therapists are fully trained in the assessment and treatment of language difficulties using research-based assessments and interventions for children and adults.

  • Receptive language
  • Expressive language
  • Aphasia
  • Auditory processing disorder
  • Developmental language disorder (DLD)

Our evidence-based resources and programs support children and adults to work on identified language challenges and reach their individual communication goals. To increase the chances of success, we integrate activities into daily life to promote the generalisation of skills across settings and reduce the workload for communication partners at home. Our clinicians are experienced in implementing a variety of evidence-based and functional strategies and techniques to support:

  • understanding
  • oral language
  • expressive language through writing
  • assistive technology support assessments

Literacy Links

We offer Individual therapy for individuals with reading and spelling difficulties, including dyslexia, dysgraphia and other specific learning difficulties. We use evidence-based programs to improve literacy and boost confidence, working with other professionals to support effective literacy intervention. We also run regular groups to provide supportive settings for people to learn and build on their growing literacy skills.

Our speech pathologists and therapy assistants are trained in delivering the following evidence-based literacy programs:

Fluency Fun

We offer evidence-based intervention for children who stutter or struggle with language fluency. All our therapists are trained in evidence-based programs to deliver effective interventions to children and adolescents who stutter. Our speech pathologists undergo regular refreshers and training to remain up to date with the latest research, approaches and recommendations to deliver the best outcomes for your child and boost their fluency and confidence.

Our therapists have specific training in the following fluency programs:


We offer individual intervention for children with tongue-tie, speech sound delays or disorders, such as childhood apraxia of speech. We also help adults with acquired or developmental speech disorders including dysarthria and apraxia. Our speech pathologists are fully trained in a variety of articulation, speech and phonology therapies designed to address specific challenges and improve overall communication.

Our therapists have specific training in the following speech programs:

  • ReST (Rapid Syllable Transition Training)
  • PROMPT for oral restructuring.

Alternative & Augmented Communication (AAC)

We offer training and support in alternative and augmented communication (AAC). We focus on facilitating communication by harnessing communication modes best suited to the needs of you or your child. With expert implementation, AAC can support inclusion, reduce frustration and increase overall communication.

Our team undertakes dynamic assessments and interventions for AAC including high tech options (e.g. computer, iPad/tablet, apps) and low tech options (e.g. Key Word sign, visual supports, switch use). We’re experienced with successful NDIS applications for assistive technology and also host community programs to support the use of AAC in the community (e.g. library book club, teenage groups).

Our therapists have specific training and experience in all areas of AAC, including software and apps, high technology devices and low technology communication resources.

Feeling Good

We work closely with behaviour support practitioners and other allied health professionals to develop resources and communication programs to promote positive behaviour. We develop personalised programs, social stories, communication aids and picture symbol supports to support behaviour interventions and provide training to educators, staff and caregivers., Our team is also MAPA trained (Management of Actual or Potential Aggression), allowing us to implement techniques to manage escalating behaviour safely.

Our therapists have specific training in the following positive behaviour programs:

Looking for extra communication support?

We want to help you access quality speech pathology so you can effectively manage communication challenges. Go to our events page to see what exciting training we are running or see our resources page for access to valuable resources and information.